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Thaler — REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PLATFORM offering securities which provide an easy and borderless entry for smaller investors into international property market valued at over $200 trillion 🏛

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How it works? Thaler.One Real Estate Fund and Marketplace

Greetings, Thaler.One community!

As you know, Thaler.One project combines a fund regulated under the laws of the European Union with a Marketplace for listing of individual real estate assets. Thaler.One utilizes blockchain technology to issue digital assets backed by real estate properties for participants with full compliance with SEC rules.

📊 Thaler.One digital securities provide investors with a stable income that results both from real estate rental and from operating income of online platform, that allows to build individualized real estate portfolios.

Thaler.One issues 2 types of digital assets for participants: 🔸Thaler Fund units (TLR) - digital securities that represent shares in the platform. Available for qualified investors. 🔹Thaler Block units (TLRB) - digital securities that represent shares in specific properties listed on Thaler.One Marketplace. Available for qualified retail investors. ——

🔎 Let’s take a closer look into main steps how Thaler.One works

1️⃣ Qualified investors purchase Thaler Fund digital units (TLR) and effectively become unitholders of the Fund. Digital units are sold in rounds reflective investors demand. 2️⃣ Thaler.One uses proceeds from sales of fund units to acquire real estate assets. 3️⃣ Individual real estate assets in the Fund are securitized, get listed on the Marketplace and sold to qualified retail investors with mark-ups in the form of Thaler Blocks (TLRB). TLRB holders receive rental income pro-rata their % of the asset ownership. 4️⃣ Digital asset-backed units (TLRB) are traded on an internal exchange, participants can buy and sell them easily at any time. 5️⃣ Real estate owners who want to sell or raise capital contribute their real estate properties to Thaler.One Marketplace. Origination fees for successful transactions on the marketplace are distributed among Thaler Fund unit holders. 6️⃣ Unitholders of Thaler Fund (TLR) receive regular distribution of income, which comes from real estate in the fund, profits from securitization of individual assets and origination fees charged to real estate owners.

🎯As a result, Thaler.One creates a Scalable business with Unlimited Size of Assets under management potential!

📝 Learn more detailed information in Thaler.One WhitePaper

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