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1、 BlockWorld is a new concept of virtual world based on block chain technology. It takes the 2D/8Bit pixel map as the carrier, and every blockland will record the chain. You can buy land, create content, even issue personal digital assets and dig out the rich mineral deposits in the land. Come and become a millionare with having fun!

Airdrop is opening at 12:00 p.m everyday. The first three hours to buy the airdrop area can receive ETH luxury airdrops.

Steps: 1、https://main.blockworld.game/#/?rac=tele

2、Click the link and sign in, open the blockland interface, look for the airdrop and get it!

3、This group provides welfare for Blockworld, forbid ads.

This group's explanation right belongs to Blockworld. If there is any doubt, ask for customer service.