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LockTrip Airdrop Channel

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This is the dedicated airdrop campaign for the LockTrip Kucoin listing. The campaign had ended. Payout will be made 15th - 30th July.


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Do you want to step up your game? You can now!

Starting on Dec 4th, we are adding new reward layers to the LockTrip trading campaign on Kucoin.

🎁 Receive 5 LOC for each day you trade between 250 and 999 LOC (remains the same) 🎁 Receive 15 LOC for each day you trade between 1,000 and 2,499 LOC (remains the same) 🎁 Receive 25 LOC for each day you trade between 2,500 and 4,999 LOC (new layer!) 🎁 Receive 40 LOC for each day you trade more than 5,000 LOC (new layer!)

Additionally, we are extending the weekly ranking rewards:

1st receives 300 LOC 2nd receives 200 LOC 3rd receives 150 LOC 4th receives 120 LOC 5th receives 100 LOC 6th receives 90 LOC 7th receives 85 LOC 8th receives 80 LOC 9th receives 75 LOC 10th receives 70 LOC 11th receives 65 LOC 12th receives 60 LOC 13th receives 55 LOC 14th receives 50 LOC 15th receives 45 LOC 16th receives 40 LOC 17th receives 35 LOC 18th receives 30 LOC 19th receives 25 LOC 20th receives 20 LOC

We wish you a happy trading week!