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Hello everyone!

We have a dedicated team of developers/game designers/ programmers and experts who’ve been relentlessly working on the product, a revived communication/marketing team which is back in full fledged action, a strong backbone of administration department that gracefully holds the company together and most importantly, an amazing CEO, our leader who’s determined to take this community and the company to its glory.

We have been quite busy working on our post-ITO activities but please know that we appreciate the presence of each of you in this group!

Some exciting news to start this conversation! The redBUX token is nominated for the VENUS Award 2018 on the category of "Best Adult Coin”! Check it out! https://www.venus-berlin.com/en/red-carpet-feeling-at-the-oscars-of-the-erotic-industry/

We are currently getting back to every investor who had previously gotten in touch with us with regards to their specific questions and concerns. Please write to us at service@redbux.io from the email address you had used to register for the ITO, if you have any questions about your tokens!

Investors who are yet to claim their tokens:

We made an important announcement regarding the orders of tokens that are yet to be claimed. We see that over fifteen percentage of successful orders made to acquire tokens have not been claimed by the corresponding investors. As happy as we are about our big community, we need you all to bear in mind that dilatory participants are pulling back our course of action in concluding the ITO and moving on to the next steps and thereby hindering the community’s momentum.

We need every investor to claim their tokens as soon as possible. Please log in to your dashboards and check if there are any successful orders that are to be claimed and make sure to claim the orders before the 13th of October. INVESTORS SHALL HAVE ACCESS TO DASHBOARDS ONLY TILL THE 14TH OF OCTOBER. Please check your email for a step-by-step guideline on the how to claim your tokens.

Investors who are yet to complete KYC verification:

Investors who are not able to continue with the investment due to pending KYC verification need to take the necessary steps to complete the process immediately. Please log in to your dashboard and upload the required documents. The investors who were not able to complete the verification using IDNow were verified by alternative service providers. If any problem persists while trying to verify, please email us immediately. Please make sure to include the following information on your email (sent from the email address you had used to sign up for the ITO). Full Name of the Investor Name of their country *Attach the front and back of your ID.

Investors who have claimed their tokens will be able to trade redBUX once we are listed on exchanges:

We are currently on our final stages of discussions with major exchanges, like hitBTC, KuCoin, Coin Bene, Binance etc. We shall make an announcement once the decisions are made.

Bounty Participants: Please email us at service@redbux.io with the following information: The activity that earned you the bounty The wallet address that you had provided

Cheers, Team redBUX