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DECENTRALIZED AFFILIATE PLATFORM Platform: https://login.hoqu.com Official website: https://www.hoqu.com Official twitter: https://twitter.com/hoqu_io Official blog: https://blog.hoqu.io


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❗ī¸đŸ’œ Dear HOQU Community members ❗ī¸


HOQU Team will continue its activity (news, videos, Q&A) in this chat

⚠ī¸ Token sale accounts without HOQU tokens have been removed ⚠ī¸ including accounts from which all tokens have been already transferred into ETH wallets.

✅ Accounts with tokens are avaliable under this link account.hoqu.io

ℹī¸ đŸ”Ĩ Beta Version of HOQU affiliate app đŸ”Ĩ 1) Here you can find the updated version of the platform on the Ethereum blockchain https://rinkeby.etherscan.io/address/0xe702a5629d7da74ef38594733b340afd37060dd7 2) Here you can see the transactions of all the members of the HOQU ecosystem, all the business proposals, leads and much more. http://blockchain.hoqu.io/ 3) A link to the Beta version of the platform 👉 https://login.hoqu.com 4) Keep track of development updates in our blog https://blog.hoqu.io/tagged/development

ℹī¸ Beware of scammers 👍 Real Manager/Support has short name and admin status: Diana Safi | HOQU - @DianaSafi Andzhey Brizitskiy | HOQU - @brizitskiy Roman F. | HOQU - @roman_hoqu Felix R. | HOQU - @Felixumus Dan K. | HOQU - @andkim Serafima | HOQU - @OsiSerafima Sato Keita | HOQU - @sato2018 â€ŧī¸ Click the short name of admin - > "send message" to check if you have any messages from the real admin or not ⚜ī¸ We won't ask you to send BTC/LTC/ETH anywhere except the addresses mentioned in your personal profile page