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SelfKey Community Group to chat about the SelfKey Wallet & Marketplace

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😍 ProBit Exchange Lists KEY/BTC, US$50,000 worth of KEY coins up for grabs 😍

The SelfKey Foundation is happy to announce that the native utility token KEY, will be listed on the excellent Probit Exchange. The KEY/BTC pairing will be made available on 13 Dec 2018. Deposits of KEY will be allowed from 6 Dec 2018.

⏱Trading Competition & Airdrops Details – 15,000,000 KEY Duration – 14 Dec 2018 – 27 Dec 2018 http://bit.ly/key-probit

📊1. Trade KEY, Earn KEY Duration - 2 weeks A trading competition for KEY will be held where 5,000,000 KEY will be won by Top 100 global users, proportional to the volume of KEY traded. This contest is not eligible for US citizens.

📈2. Trade KEY, Earn PROB Duration – Until 50% of PROB tokens have been mined Users who trade KEY will receive PROB tokens. PROB tokens will be equivalent in value to 80% of trading fees incurred.

  1. Hold PROB, Earn KEY Holders ⏱Holders of PROB tokens as of 15:00 UTC on Dec. 18, 2018 will receive 10,000,000 KEY.

📢The PROB tokens will be split into 3 tiers.📢 Tier 1: Holders of > 250 PROB tokens receive 3,000,000 KEY split equally. Tier 2: Holders of > 2,000 PROB tokens receive 3,000,000 KEY split equally. Tier 3: Holders of > 10,000 PROB tokens receive 4,000,000 KEY split equally. The above distribution of KEY is cumulative. An account may be eligible for more than 1 tier, i.e. an account with 11,000 PROB tokens would be eligible for Tier 1, 2 & 3. ❗This contest is not eligible for US citizens.❗

💡ProBit Exchange is a global coin-to-coin exchange that accepts no listing fees. ProBit Exchange only lists deserving cryptocurrency projects. ProBit Exchange has order matching speed of more than 1.5m orders per second and has a customizable user interface. In addition, ProBit Exchange supports the option of a hardware security key in addition to software 2 Factor Authenticator. For more information, please visit www.probit.com