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Hello Artiqox Community! Since the last update 11 days ago with the new incorporation of Roland to the team, these are the status of some of our projects:

PERSONAL 📱 Rafa is currently working with Steve on the interface to teach the machine learning to do the facial recognition.

MOBILE WALLET 💰 Roland and Seth are discussing the innovative functionalities that the mobile wallet has to offer. They are improving it to ensure that we have a really differentiating wallet.

TWITTER BOT 🤖 Lukasz is continously enhancing the giving bot. He migrated the old version to completely new DB, found some security issues and fixed them. He is now actively working on the new features, one he already revealed to you: crypto vouchers. You will be able to generate vouchers, pass them to your partners/customers/friends, they can then transfer the money to their wallets or donate them to people looking for help (help/charity promoted tweets).

MARKETING 📢 At the moment we are preparing (not filming yet) a interview with Steve and a presentation video of AIQ with Makro.

That’s all for today! More updates and news coming soon.

Thank you all for reading 😉