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Quickest Cross Blockchain Transactions.

Use your Blockchain Assets in Real World. For detailed information www.quickx.io


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Dear Community, We are pleased to announce that QuickX is all set to launch World’s slimmest and most easy to use Hardware wallet. This wallet resembles the form of a typical debit card. The card utilizes NFC technology and the chipset provides FIDO Universal 2nd Factor Authentication, thereby ensuring top grade security. Users would now be able to initiate transactions with the flick of a finger ( the wallet is protected and made accessible by a fingerprint scanner ). Users can now store and transact using the same card, QuickX has made this truly feasible with the launch of this product. At QuickX, we aim to tackle the various obstacles and challenges that have kept cryptocurrencies from mass adoption.

Regarding KuCoin competition - Voting ended on 29th of September. Results are expected to be out by 6th of October.