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🔥Mainsale Live! Softcap Achieved by 112%! Buy GBTC Tokens Now🔥https://www.gigtricks.io/ ✅GigTricks ICO - A Crypto Ecosystem For Freelance & On-Demand Economy✅ 🔥5 Platforms, 1 Global Ecosystem 🔥

📣 ICO from 1st Sep 2018 to 30th Sep 2018

📣 GigTricks Reviews: TRACKICO = 5/5 ICOBENCH = 4.6/5 ICOHOLDER = 4.2/5 ICOMARKS = 8.8/5

👉👉Participate in PreICO now ->> https://www.gigtricks.io/ 👈👈

Softcap: $2.5m , Hardcap $35m PreICO completed successfully

GigTricks Marketplace is live with over 2000 paying customers

Utility Token, fully regulated under Gibraltar Laws.

📺Watch Video Explainer 👉 https://youtu.be/j80jF7w_pIY 📜One Pager 👉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1zBroAloPcIfwDlWY_JlYB7M2T8SUS1LL/view 📋Deck Presentation 👉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-H_RhPK2KPr9r7bNTD6JsMkpMBJsDDQL/view 📄Whitepaper 👉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TFJsc9UfibgG3y0lOZD7R9jqX1nQ0-u6/view ⚙️Technical Paper 👉 https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hS0IkgurWj_z1QQq7a9AOUZ-CMd8M6XZ/view

Join GigTricks Official Telegram https://t.me/gigtricks

GigTricks Products:

1) GigTricks Marketplace - connects entrepreneurs with freelancers across the globe 2) GigTricks Social - increases the level of engagement among the participants who can earn Free GigBit Tokens through their participation. 3) GigTricks Learning - a global online center of excellence where entrepreneurs and freelancers can acquire the best skills 4) GigTricks PRO - showcase your professional profile verified under the blockchain 5) GigTricks Point of Sale - Businesses now can accept orders in the real world by using PoS connected under a blockchain.

GigTricks Key Features Authenticated Reviews System Authenticated Content Streams Authenticated Skills Management Decentralized Content Network Search Engine & Content Management Chat Service Advertising Network

👉👉Participate in ICO now ->> https://www.gigtricks.io/ 👈👈

For any general queries please email us to support@gigtricks.com

ADMINS: @AmirShaikh_CEO_GigTricks @omair_coo_gigtricks @sadiqhameedCTOGigtricks

LEAD ADMIN @Lucky_777

SUPPORT STAFF @Paul_gigtricks



✅DO’s: ✅Share latest news/articles on Cryptocurrency or value sharing tips ✅Feel free to ask questions but we encourage everyone to read whitepaper and other documents ✅Suggestions how we can improve ✅Tell us how you can participate/contribute and help us disrupting Freelance & On-Demand Ecosystem

❌DON’Ts: ❌No Spam ❌No Referral Links ❌No abusive language/behavior
❌No bot messages

❌CHANNEL RULES: ❌We will try to delete everything that is hurtful, insulting, outright FUD, known to be incorrect information, mentions of other tokens with no tie in to GigBit or GigTricks - Multiple offenders will be banned without warning, anything racist, explicit content such as gifs and pictures with nudity, spam of other projects from new joiners, any imitators of team members, and trading bots (fills the chat too much)

⛔️ WARNING ⛔️ All important information regarding GigTricks ICO will be announced either from admins or community managers. ⛔️ We will not be sharing any payments 💳 💵 on this Telegram nor ask for payment over any chat message. So be aware of any scams or phishing attacks. ⛔️ We will monitor all chats very extremely carefully to protect our community. For queries email us at support@gigtricks.com

💰BITCOIN TALK ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3281088.0

💰BOUNTY CAMPAIGN: Our bounty campaign is live. We are offering a huge opportunity to the community who are ready to support GigTricks Project.