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Official Aimedis Token ICO sale. Interact with the Aimedis team, discuss ICO, enter airdrop and bounty campaigns, receive updates.


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👀 Updates: 👀

*Admins will never DM or PM you for contributions. Always use the link at ico.aimedis.com to sing up, KYC, and buy the token!

👉 PRESALE has ended.

👉 AIRDROP has ended. Token distribution takes place at the end of Crowdsale. Crowdsale hasn't begun yet.

👉 ICO page: https://aim.aimedis.com/

👉 Website: https://aimedis.com/

👉Blog: https://blog.aimedis.com/

👉 Medium: https://medium.com/@aimedisglobal/

👉 Channel Newsroom @aimedisnews

👉 Our Pitch at World Blockchain Forum (Keynote Dubai) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=002X8_ErqbA

👉 Twitter: https://twitter.com/AimedisGlobal/

❇️ BOUNTY has Ended. Token distribution will take place at the end of the crowdsale. Crowdsale date hasn't been announced yet.

👉 ANN thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3885454.0

✅ Presale has officially Ended on December 2nd, 8:35pm UTC+1. ✅ Crowd Sale does NOT have a set date for now. Once we do, we will update it here & on our social channels. Bounty and Airdrop has Ended. We may return with another bounty, depending on the launch of the public platform.


Thank you for investing in Aimedis and for being part of the community!

* The Crew + Roles:

Michael Kaldasch @Jaiemkai2k (Co-founder, CEO) Ben El Idrissi @Ben_2019 (co-founder, COO) Roxana Nasoi @roxananasoi (CCO)

Amber @virtualbubble (Instagram manager) Maryam @MH_Ullah (Facebook manager) Xavier @GrowthNinja (Marketing) Alex @EnlightenedIndividual (Marketing) Criptix @criptix_skybase (Marketing)

Community Moderators: @xxmaaaaiiixx @jamie26 @mchllnn @mcocumen


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