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Update on XchangeRate CMB 3.0:

After the next upload these are the specific changes you would observe.

1) Billing is activated: 50$ worth of XRR for Monthly, 20$ worth of XRR for weekly billing.

2) You will be able to engage the High Octane Trading (HOT). No matter what Ply you choose HOT can cross plys to engage position. Ply can also enter the same position several times within the operating day.

3) You will also have the option of buying lesser than the match price. For example if at Match price was 100$ you could order at 97$, this are for those who want to leverage on the zigzag price movement.

4) The exclude coin have been completed on the frontend however there are a few metrics we need to complete to get it exclude trades. So you can pick your exclude coins and will activated shortly.

5) Test has proved that users who choose very small stop loses can make profits with the HOT metric. HOT metric will be charged at 1$ per day but will be free until performance is proven to be at optimum level.

6) The homepage will show Daily, Weekly and Monthly most profitable trades and prizes in XRR will be awarded account holders with these accounts.

A few days after this upload we will go on a maintenance which will last for a few hours, this maintenance work will proceed our work to start launching the structure of Stable coins.

Other pending features are HFT HFT(All Plys) will be the metric that allows users to engage all positions across the plys.

Trailing Exit with buffer

Referral Bonus feature for marketers.

Signal Bars Will show the strength of the backend metric.

Telegram pop: will show exits from profitable trades on the Telegram group.

Upload will start tentatively within the next 12hours.

Stay tuned.

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