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Let's grow the Substratum Network! https://t.me/SubstratumCommunity


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Welcome to Substratum

Website www substratum.net

YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxUJoTH0XLERKl55zGnFI6g/videos

Announcement channel @substratumannouncements

Dutch channel https://t.me/SubstratumNederland

Chinese telegram @Substratumcn

https://amplifyexchange.com Amplify exchange ico now open

*USA citizens cannot apply due to SEC Restrictions

AMPX tokens will be sent out in a few days , they will start to be distributions soon. Since the program has to check BTC and ETH it’s not automatic. We have a program that runs and does distributions as well as referral fees.

Amplify Dashboard now reflects contributions, Referal bonuses will follow in due course.

For the Ampx AIRDROP to SUB holders you need to do the following:

Get yourself a Erc20 wallet -- If your not using https://www.myetherwallet.com/ then check with wallet team if they will be accepting the Airdrops


Move your SUB OFF Exchanges to your new Erc20 wallet

SUB must be in your new wallet BY 23.59pm UTC on the 15th of November for next drop


1.Phase 1 Hold sub from the 15th OCT -15th JAN to quailify for Airdrop due on 15th JAN 2019.

2.Phase 2 hold sub from the 15th Nov - 15th FEB to qualify. Airdrop due on 15th FEB 2019.

3.Phase 3 hold sub from the 15th DEC - 15th March to qualify. Airdrop due on 15th March2019.

If you hold SUB from the 15th OCT-15th March , you will qualify for all 3 phases and get 3x Airdrop

IMPORTANT : Do Not Move your SUB out of the wallet during this time

This is all you are required to do to receive the airdrop. NO SUB team member will ask for your wallet address, offer you SUB cheap or anything else. BE AWARE OF SCAMMERS

Wow amazing Breaking News, not one but TWO more restricted regions working with SUB Node routing traffic (plus China Great wall from earlier)!

Website Telegram in Russia!: https://youtu.be/Ph7yXwdNHYc I Uncensored Digital Content in Iran!: https://youtu.be/Oj_hWrfepEQ

Info wars interview https://www.bitchute.com/video/NN1Q1a27Ise9/

Contract update https://youtu.be/HoKTqmbK9xY