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Crypto.com, the pioneering payments and cryptocurrency platform, seeks to accelerate the world’s transition to cryptocurrency. Crypto.com is headquartered in Hong Kong. For more information, please visit: www.crypto.com.


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Please be alert to fake accounts and token scams. Crypto.com staff will never solicit for business (e.g. T-shirt sales) via direct message. If we need to send you a direct message, we will reach out first in the main channel. There is no Crypto.com Support Team in Telegram and our Staff/Admins are:
@KellyMCO, @matt_CRYPTOcom, @Sean_CMO, @SeanS_MCO, @YvonneMCO @Caped, @coinee, @grxxx, @MrLennon7, @Quan96, @T0mmySm1th, @Tj 🇳🇱 , @Z1ppz

Hello and welcome to Crypto.com’s official Telegram channel. Check our pinned message for latest updates and news about Crypto.com and MCO, participate in live Q&A sessions with the team, and chat with like-minded enthusiasts! By joining us, you agree to help keep the channel peaceful and harmonious.

FAQ: www.crypto.com/help. Whitepapers: MCO: https://crypto.com/images/mco_whitepaper.pdf Crypto.com Chain: https://www.crypto.com/images/chain_whitepaper.pdf Crypto.com Chain (Technical Whitepaper): https://www.crypto.com/images/chain_technical_whitepaper.pdf

Latest Updates: 23 Nov - Video Q&A with our CEO Kris https://youtu.be/jH1BCa4quGA The video transcript - https://bit.ly/2QooAga

Crypto.com Chain announcement: – a blockchain solution to drive cryptocurrency adoption globally, enabling instant crypto transactions. https://medium.com/@Crypto.com/crypto-com-announces-new-public-chain-with-airdrop-to-mco-token-holders-b272e76a8369

MCO Visa Cards coming to America. https://medium.com/@Crypto.com/metropolitan-commercial-bank-to-issue-mco-visa-cards-in-the-united-states-fd8d154e6df1

MCO Visa Cards begin shipping in Singapore https://medium.com/@Crypto.com/mco-visa-cards-to-begin-shipping-in-singapore-dca6ddfd5bb4

Crypto Invest, giving access to quant trading strategies, in an easy-to-use crypto portfolio management and trading tool designed to perform in any market - a world's first! https://goo.gl/V8uqaV Crypto Invest is currently not available in the United States of America, Hong Kong, and Singapore due to regulatory requirements.

Official Crypto.com links Website: www.crypto.com/ Twitter: www.twitter.com/cryptocom Telegram: https://www.t.me/CryptoComOfficial https://www.t.me/CryptoComOfficialAnnouncements
Reddit: www.reddit.com/r/Crypto_com/ Facebook: www.facebook.com/CryptoComOfficial Instagram: www.instagram.com/CryptoComOfficial Medium: www.medium.com/@crypto.com Discord: www.discord.gg/B6cZahJ Youtube: www.youtube.com/c/CryptoComOfficial

Korean Channels Telegram - www.t..me/CryptoCom_Korea Naver Blog - blog.naver.com/CryptoCom_Korea Naver Cafe - cafe.naver.com/cryptocomkorea Kakaotalk Open Chat - open.kakao.com/o/gGH1WQM

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Chat Rules 1. English only, and refrain from profanity 2. No spam, scam, promotions, ref links, advertisements, porn 3. Keep the discussion fact based, respectful and friendly 4. No gifs, stickers or (suspicious) files 5. No harassment 6. No attempts at price manipulation 7. No trolling

Please report any of the above to our admins. Inappropriate posts or direct messages will be deleted. Offenders may be removed from the channel, or have their accounts banned (in serious cases - without warning). To voice your concerns with the decisions of our channel’s admins, please email us at contact@crypto.com.