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Welcome to the Kin Community! Kin Announcements: https://t.me/Kinannouncements Kin General: https://t.me/KinFoundation Kin Currency: https://t.me/Kincurrency Kin Technology: https://t.me/KinTechnology


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⚠️ Attention! There is NO Kin airdrop, nor there will be one unless stated otherwise on our official Kin News channel ⚠️

Welcome to Kin Foundation’s Currency channel. This channel is dedicated for you - our community members - to discuss with each about coin related issues. Please advise: speculations are frowned upon and any information you may read in this channel is unofficial and not supported by Kin Foundation (unless specifically stated by a moderator) and should be considered with care and responsibility. We - the moderation team - will show zero tolerance towards any attempt to influence other members to one’s own benefit. Same rules as in the Foundation channel apply here. Please feel free to join the conversation after reading our community rules.

Make sure you’re aware of our other channels:

  1. Kin Announcements (http://t.me/KinAnnouncements) - this is where we share with you any progress made in the project. This is the ONLY authoritative source for announcements (about the foundation, and everything it entails).
  2. Kin Foundation (http://t.me/KinFoundation) - for general discussions about the project
  3. Kin Technology (http://t.me/KinTechnology) - for discussions and questions about our product and the technology behind it.