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Thaler.one — REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT PLATFORM offering securities which provide an easy and borderless entry for smaller investors into international property market valued at over $200 trillion 🏛

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Thaler.one as digital security and benefits it brings

Greetings, everyone! As 2018 year finished, so the ICO market eventually has come to a dead end with a significant number of both participants and investors leaving the scene.

Some stats for the ICO market of 2018 (source - icodata): 💰 Total funds raised - $8.27 bln (around $6.3 bln in 2017) 📊 Number of ICOs - 1,180 (876 in 2017)

3️⃣ ICOs in 2018 received abnormally large funding, which accounted for the most of the total funds raised during the year: - EOS ($4.2 bln), - Telegram ($1.7 bln), - TaTaTu ($0.575 bln).

Despite the record amount of $8,27 billion raised in 2018, the number of coin offerings has been falling since Q1. It is obvious that the ICO market began its shift to a more mature state, demanding more security and protection from the projects as the regulators have started to put ICOs under scrutiny.

🔑 STO Next big move in the crypto industry is expected to occur via Security Token Offerings (STOs). It is a way of fundraising similar to ICO, but with more compliance and accountability in mind. In short, STOs are designed to be held in collaboration with regulators.

Read more about ICOs vs. STOs in our medium post Attention, Investors! Security Tokens Entering the Market.

🛡Thaler.one is a security offering Thaler.one digital units assume regular profit payouts and therefore will be recognized as securities. This is the main difference of Thaler.One from other projects related to Real estate. Thaler.One approach to legal structuring is of top-notch, thus providing full protection of investors’ rights and full transparency of operations.

Apart from that, the legal structure of Thaler.One is designed to protect the acquired assets and to ensure the intended use of the investments.

Security tokens are being dubbed “the next big thing” since the inception of blockchain, meeting SEC’s and other regulators’ requirements, and have been making some noise since early 2017. And Thaler.one fully supports this movement by developing the best real estate blockchain project in terms of profitability and scalability.

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