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Swiss Alps Mining & Energy Officially Announces The Series Of Eventful Changes!

In the next couple of days the first batch of mining packages will be available to the general public!! Since this is really short after the ICO, the SAM team will put the mining packages online without any prior announcement to give everyone the same chances! so visit our site regularly and catch one of the first packages for mining in swiss alps. We wish everyone the best of luck!

Meanwhile, we are happy to officially announce to the general public that a date has been set for the dobitrade listing of our tokens which is stated for Monday. The SAM team have put together great plan of action and we are sure to update our clients every step of the way to keep them happy as the registration continues for future investments. Pls be informed that we are putting the Mining Packages online without general announcement to the public because we wish to treat everyone fairly by giving all our clients the same chance in their mining privileges. This registration gives opportunity for long-term investment, eventful changes from time to time and guarantees happy miners as they make their choices in selecting their various mining packages. We are indeed happy with this gradual transformation in which this project is going through and we also want to share our happiness by making our clients happy. We are very happy to be fair in the selling of our tokens/packages to our clients as the registration keeps coming through together with our Dobitrade listing. Stay up to date with us for more information and special opportunities such as this by regularly visiting our sites from time to time!

Swiss Alps Mining & Energy as the number one smart mining company is doing all they can in connecting the world of blockchain with environmentally friendly mining in unused buildings in the Swiss alps. Swiss Alps Mining & Energy offers a solution for global problems facing the industry with their smart mining technique of saving energy consumption using the environment in the swiss alps for mining and also keeping miners safe. Swiss Alps Energy AG (SAE) provides decentralized blockchain infrastructure and mining facilities by means of a sophisticated modular cube system. The prefabricated cubes contain the mining components and are installed on-site in unused buildings in the Swiss alps. They allow for ecologically sound and highly efficient mining. Swiss Alps Energy AG is the first company worldwide to use an ORC system to recover energy from waste heat from mining facilities. Stay up to date by checking our website frequently for updates!