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Civil is a decentralized marketplace for sustainable journalism


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Welcome to the official Civil Telegram!

Civil is building the new economy for journalism. More than 125 journalists across 18 independent newsrooms have already signed up. You can (and should!) discover the full list of the first newsrooms publishing on Civil at https://www.civil.co/newsrooms/

Read their latest stories at https://civil.co/featured-stories/

Civil will open up to the public in February 2019. At this time, CVL tokens will be sold via civil.co and Civil's governance app will be live. Interested newsrooms can register ahead of launch at civil.co.

CVL is a consumer token, and available to all purchasers who confirm they're not speculators. Learn more about our token design at civil.thebkp.com.


Admins will NEVER DM unless you DM us first. We will never ask for a wallet address, keys or for you to send funds.

There are no Civil Support or Sales accounts that will reach out to you directly on Telegram. Please utilize the "Report Spam" button in Telegram to report any suspicious activity.

"Civilcoin" has nothing to do with this project. We will be launching our own token, CVL, in the near future.

Additional links: Website - https://www.civil.co Blog - https://blog.joincivil.com Telegram Announcements - https://t.me/join_civil Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/join_civil Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/joincivil LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/join-civil/

· The Civil White Paper: https://civil.co/white-paper/ · How Civil works: https://civil.co/how-to-launch-newsroom/ · Intro to Civil (aka, why we're here): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EEA9n802f1I · GitHub: https://github.com/joincivil/Civil · Public draft of the Civil Constitution, the ethical standards Newsrooms must meet to publish on Civil: https://civil.co/constitution/

Rules: 1) No discriminatory, hateful, or explicit content 2) Civil related discussion only 3) No spam, ads or referrals 4) No speculation 5) No profanity 6) Be respectful to each other 7) Please post in English only 8) No soliciting third-party goods or services; such posts will be deleted

UPDATE: 11/13/2018

We are grateful for all of the feedback we've been receiving on this channel and elsewhere in the wake of Civil's token sale (more context on that: https://blog.joincivil.com/the-next-chapter-for-civil-49e0a3b2d4c6). It's incredibly valuable, and helping to inform our strategy as we prepare for Civil's public roll-out in the near future. Thanks to all who make themselves heard in this forum, it's a really cool thing to see — and incredibly useful to hear.

More than anything, it helped us better understand what makes our prospective community tick, and how to make Civil a more useful / relatable home for folks who want to play a direct role in the future.

We've doublee down our focus on the supply side of the Civil economy: or, more plainly, the newsrooms. At the end of the day, that's what's going to draw more supporters to the larger Civil network. We want them to come because they see great journalism happening here, and the potential to make more of it possible via their participation in this "journalism co-op" comprised of independent newsrooms and their staunchest supporters.

It's the newsrooms who will be the most public/relatable example of how a peer-to-peer economy can unlock new sustainability and reader engagement strategies that complement (not outright replace) existing ones — and that will absolutely matter to plenty of folks. But they'll still be a minority relative to the larger audience that just cares about backing newsrooms. If those newsrooms acknowledge that this "Civil thing" is helping them further their mission, that's all that matters to most supporters.

Learn more at civil.co.