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One of the reasons why crypto continues to regress is because of the constant "speculation", or rather.. the uncertainty of it's value.. along with some other things like regulation, etc. The big question is: What will crypto do for us in 1,5,10 years.. we don't know. We want PokerSports to be an international game right? One way to do that is to use technology that is currently uncertain (cryptocurrency). You - our "investors" - want us (PokerSports) to take a predominately American hobby in 'Fantasy Sports' and immediately force them to use something (cryptocurrency) they are unsure of. Sounds like an excellent idea. Because gaining users from Fantasy Sports platforms that generate millions of dollars a year isn't hard enough... let's add an additional step for them to play.. oh and by the way... that step forces them to use $XPST which is something they are already uncertain about OR have little to no idea what crypto is even about. The GOAL is to develop a niche user base where if we require a different form of payment, they will accept that or they won't be able to play the game they LOVE. And we have started to do that.. slowly, but surely. Now, with all of that said. We have plans (and have begun) to integrate $XPST into our platforms. Our main goal this football season is to increase awareness of not only our games but $XPST. By the time 2019 MLB and late 2018 basketball rolls around, $XPST will be an option/the option to play our games. But that still will not solve your volume issue if we don’t have the users.

I apologize for being direct. But, volume isn't a major concern of ours right now. That will come with users. I understand your frustration. However, I believe it's unwarranted. We could do a better job of communicating with you guys and giving you updates. But, i've been apart of ICOs before and I believe we still do a better job than most. We're 6 months removed from our ICO. In that time, the funds we raised are virtually useless because of the crash of ETH (~800 USD to ~200 USD). We can't use most of it because we're still hoping for a recovery. We’ve lost a lot too! FYI, as much as we appreciate the feedback, concerns and involvement of our investors... we can’t cater to your requests. You have entrusted us with your investment. Allow us to do what we think is best. And there’s only so much branding we can do. Now we need the resources (funds) to help push us over this hump.

So, where does that put us? Well, we're currently fundraising to get back to our original funds goal. We have around 2000 Viewers a week from our eSports league. Full exclusive tables that are all paid for. We did this all with 1/5th of the funding we expected to have . The good news is, all if this is data collection that will help us durning this fundraising round. As soon as we have the funds that we need we will be able to execute our original marketing plan! Hopefully that is soon... especially with all the positive feedback we're getting. THIS IS NOT THE UPDATE lol. That will be coming a little bit later when we get a little more information on a our content partnership.i