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Hellofriend Community Channel (Official)

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How does this Group describe itself?

Hellofriend is a blockchain-based social networking platform for buying and selling real-life social experiences around the globe | Based at the Harvard Innovation Labs. Web: www.joinhellofriend.com


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Hey Everyone! Welcome to the Hellofriend Telegram.

If you have any questions about Hellofriend, the team, upcoming roadshows, Satoshi's identity, feel free to ask here (although we might not be able to help with that last one).

The primary purpose of this group is to keep everyone updated with Hellofriend. We will be constantly inviting our Telegram members to conferences/events around the globe.

This channel is not designed to discus other token sales, and therefore such comments will be deleted immediately.

This will also be the first place to hear announcements about Hellofriend. 😀

For our website, visit: www.joinhellofriend.com

And you can send us an email at: hello@joinhellofriend.com

Update on Token Sale:

We are currently conducting our private sale (accredited-investors only) and will be announcing plans for the token sale soon. Stay tuned and make new friends in the meantime!