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Dataeum Offers The First Platform Linking Crowdsourcing To Blockchain For #data Generation. website: dataeum.io twitter.com/dataeum medium.com/dataeum t.me/dataeum


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Welcome to the Dataeum Telegram group - start here!

We also have an Announcement Channel - Join us to get all the latest updates on the project: https://t.me/Dataeum_News

PRESALE January 21, 2019 - February 24, 2019

PRESALE BONUSES Week 1: 30% Week 2: 25% Week 3: 20% Week 4: 15% Week 5: 10%

CROWDSALE March 4, 2019 - April 7, 2019 1 XDT token = 0.03 USD

‼️ SCAMMER ALERT ‼️ No one from Dataeum will send you a private message containing any contribution address or offering any bonus. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages with fake ETH addresses.


LINKS: Website: https://dataeum.io/ Roadmap: https://dataeum.io/#roadmap Whitepaper: https://dataeum.io/white-paper.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/dataeum Medium blog: https://medium.com/dataeum

COMMUNITY RULES: Focus discussions on Dataeum No bad mouthing, no name calling, act like a gentleman/lady If you get a warning, respect it Deliver value to the discussion Share any relevant news and articles Users whose name contain any kind of promotion will be put on read-only mode English only so we can best assist you.