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Eternal Trusts (refund in process)

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Eternal Trusts is the world's first fiduciary crypto protocol for creating decentralized apps that securely administer crypto assets through collective decision-making.


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🌐DEAR PARTICIPANTS OF THE PRESALE! We're announcing the results of the presale contributors' voting. The majority of those who purchased ET tokens before 1st June agreed to Eternal Trusts doubling their presale stakes and "freezing" them until the next token sale. Please log in to your personal cabinet at eternaltrusts.com to see the results in detail.

As you might remember, during the token sale ET managed to achieve the presale cap but the collected funds during the main sale turned out to be lower than the targeted soft cap of $7 million. If you are a presale contributor, your purchased token stakes will be doubled and distributed automatically into your personal cabinets during the new token sale that will happen at a later date. Regardless of the outcome of this token sale, we are continuing to develop the project and are likely to repeat the token sale in the future when the crypto market would allow for achievement of not only the soft cap, but of the hard cap as well. Stay tuned for the new announcements!