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Hi All. Due to legal uncertainities, it is Grid+'s policy not to publicly discuss listing or trading of GRIDs on exchanges. We also do not encourage speculation on the GRID token for investment purposes. We invite GRID holders and others who may be interested in the contractual terms and conditions governing GRIDs to review the Token Purchase Agreement entered into by GRID buyers in our public sale and the (more compact) Terms & Conditions applicable to the use and resale of GRIDs generally, which are both available at https://gridplus.io/token-sale. The TPA included acknowledgements by buyers that GRIDs are for consumer use (one-time redemption for the right to receive discounted pricing on 500 kWh of electricity from Grid+) rather than investment and may have limited secondary liquidity. We truly appreciate your support, and remain devoted to our mission of building blockchain-based energy retail solutions that will provide discounted electricity pricing upon redemption of GRIDs by our customers.