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A decentralized asset registry for unique assets starting with Art & Collectibles.


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Welcome to the Codex Protocol Telegram Group! —————————— CodexCoin Airdrop Thanks to all our community members who successfully passed our KYC process, met legal requirements, and provided Codex Protocol with a token wallet address.

We’ve decided to Airdrop CodexCoin to our community instead of a community sale. For all community members who successfully passed our KYC process and provided Codex Protocol with a token wallet address. Those members will each receive an airdrop of 500 CodexCoin tokens.

Anyone who bought CODX in the main sale will receive a refund of the ETH they contributed along with an additional airdrop of 2,000 CodexCoin and the 500 CodexCoin for passing KYC. More information here: https://medium.com/codexprotocol/codexcoin-sale-update-airdrop-3af53c6a5e9b —————————— MAINNET IS LIVE 500 editions of Sebastian’s latest digital piece titled “New Beginning” are up for grabs. The first edition has been made public here: https://codex-viewer.com/#/record/0 —————————— ❗️ Scammer Alert ❗️ No one from Codex Protocol or AmaZix team will send you a private message containing any contribution address or offering any bonus. Please be on the lookout for scammers who impersonate admins and send private messages with fake ETH address.

If you receive a private message from someone claiming to represent CodexProtocol or AmaZix, please forward their message to @amazix_mod_bot to verify their identity. —————————— LINKS ▪️Website: http://www.codexprotocol.com ▪️Whitepaper: https://goo.gl/Fjcu7d ▪️Bitcointalk: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4494244.0 ▪️Twitter: https://twitter.com/codexprotocol ▪️Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/codexprotocol/ ▪️Medium: https://medium.com/codexprotocol ▪️Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/CodexProtocol/ ▪️YouTube: https://bit.ly/2K4NYo7 ▪️GitHub: https://bit.ly/2KZsjKm —————————— Community Rewards ▪️MoonForum: https://www.moonforum.net/showthread.php?2080-Codex-Rewards ▪️Telegram: https://t.me/codex_earndrop —————————— COMMUNITY RULES ✔️ Please only write in English in this group ✔️ Focus discussions on CodexProtocol ✔️ Users whose name contain any kind of promotion will be put on read-only mode ✔️ No bad mouthing, no name calling, act like a gentleman/lady ✔️ If you get a warning, respect it ✔️ Deliver value to the discussion ✔️ Share any relevant news and articles

🗣 Group moderated by AmaZix team. Talk to us in our group https://t.me/amazix 🗣