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iAM is a single life long personal health care record under your control. Comprehensive, up to date & available on any device.


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🖐Welcome to iAM’s official group!

The point of consensus at the confluence of the Consumer, Healthcare, Insurance and the Internet of Things

👨‍⚕️Our expert team is dedicated to solving healthcare's biggest issues. iAM tackles insurance fraud, medication adherence, and even prescription abuse. We solve the problem of medical data portability.

🤝Patients, doctors, insurers, researchers, public health agencies and big pharma often have different goals. iAM reconciles conflicting objectives and delivers win-win outcomes for all participants. We call this the point of consensus.

✅Users can share their records (secured by blockchain) and pay for services with iAM tokens. Our healthcare economy is governed by smart contracts.

Public pre-sale launch: 25th September 2018

Token sale launch: 16th January 2019

👨‍💻For more details please visit our web-site : https://www.instantaccessmedical.com


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