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⚡ī¸ Dear members of the Trecento Blockchain Capital community,

đŸ“ĸ We would like to announce you that the ICO will be postponed effective as of today (11/19/2018) 4:00 pm CET. ℹī¸ You can get more info on our medium post: https://medium.com/trecento-blockchain-capital/ico-of-trecento-blockchain-capital-postponed-12e7db911ff4

↩ī¸ All investors, who bought Trecento Tokens (TOT), will be refund from the exact amount in the currency they used. 📩 All investor will be contacted by email during the current week.

đŸšĢ Unfortunately, Airdrop and Bounty tokens will not be distributed.

🏆 For Vyper contest participants and winners are still eligible for the rewards (apart from TOT, since Tokens will not be issued). 📩 All winners will be contacted by email in Decembre.

🙏 We thank you for your kind understanding and interest in our project. 🔅 Trecento BLockchain Capital continue his journey, with a focus on launching the funds for institionnal investors.

🔜 We will announce the next steps in few weeks.

Thanks for your support 💙 Trecento Blockchain Capital Team