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🎙DataBlockChain is proud to announce we have enhanced our technology with innovative new offerings. Leveraging our billions of records, which include thousands of data fields, and utilizing our proprietary artificial intelligences users can now upload their own customers data to DBC.io to have it analyzed and modeled. DBC.io will output the best prospects based on the geography and selects defined by the user.

After the user executes a campaign, responders can be ingested into DBC.io to create new analytics to further optimized their next campaign. The ability to not only provide customers the most effective data available but also to utilize machine learning to enhance the user’s own data, sets DataBlockChain apart from other data providers.

This exciting new technological advancement ushers in a new phase in the development of the DataBlockChain business model. As part of our maturation into a long term viable and stable entity we have decided to shift directions. We have ended the token sale and moved to an equity-based project due to the lack of certainty of the crypto marketplace and the existing volatility in trading of utility tokens.

We are confident that this will offer a far greater level of security to our token holders going forward by tying the opportunity directly with the success and growth of DataBlockChain. 📧We will be contacting all of our token holders and will provide them with an option to participate in the new equity-based opportunity or to have their token purchases returned.

We continue to be extremely confident in DataBlockChain and believe in our mission of merging big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology to help bring businesses around the world the critical information they need.