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Official Group of Paycent Paycent Website: www.paycent.com Paycent News: t.me/paycentnews English: https://t.me/paycent Russian: https://t.me/paycentRU Korean: https://t.me/PaycentKorea Mandarin: https://t.me/Paycentchina Japan: http://t.me/PaycentJapan


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Welcome to @Paycent - updated 01st Jan 2019 PLEASE READ BEFORE POSTING.

Paycent 2018 Highlights

January 2nd 2018 – PYN listed on Yobit

January 14th 2018 – Ability to pre-order Paycent Card

February 14th 2018 – Texcent, the parent company of Paycent, receives the Remittance License from Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), enabling Paycent to commence payments and remittances globally.

March 27th 2018 – The Paycent Hybrid App live and available to download

April 09th 2018 – PYN listed on CoinExchange

April 12th 2018 – PYN added to Infinito Wallet

April 30th 2018 – PYN burned to limit supply to 100 million

May 11th 2018 – Dash support on Paycent Hybrid App

June 22nd 2018 – Partnership with CryptoHarbour

August 09th 2018 – Referral system added to Paycent Hybrid App. Refer and earn up to $500

September 11th 2018 – New whitepaper released detailing the utility of PYN, including HODL benefits

September 21st 2018 – PYN listed on CoinMarketCap

October 04th 2018 – BNB token support on Paycent Hybrid App

October 05th 2018 – PYN listed on Simex

October 09th 2018 – Dedicated Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Russian telegram groups established

October 10th 2018 – New website layout and features

November 29th 2018 – Token voting among Tron, Digibyte, Stellar, Neo and EOS for support on the Paycent Hybrid App

December 03rd 2018 – PYN listed on behind.io

December 04th 2018 – Free Paycent card giveaway limited to 99,000

December 14th 2018 – Partnered with Dillon Gage to provide customers with the ability to purchase precious metals with crypto

December 21st 2018 – PYN listed on 50x.com

2019 – Expect much, much more!

Price Timeline 1st Oct 18 - $0.092379 1st Nov 18 - $0.107692 1st Dec 18 - $0.061851 1st Jan 19 - $0.039889

Link to this group: ➡️ t.me/paycent

Other languages: Russian - https://t.me/paycentRU Korean - https://t.me/PaycentKorea Mandarin - https://t.me/Paycentchina Japanese - http://t.me/PaycentJapan

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