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This is discussion group about xDAC Project.

To join our channel please go to https://t.me/xdacco


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♦️♦️HOW TO SWAP? Go to https://xdac.co/account and set up your new wallet. You will see a CREATE NEW ACCOUNT. Fill out the form for new account. ❗️SAVE YOUR PRIVATE KEY❗️

If you already have xDAC account just ADD EXISTING ACCOUNT using your private key.

After you created your xDAC account, on the bottom, is SWAP token https://xdac.co/swap . Click on GET, there will be ETH address generated for you. If you have Metamask use it to transfer your XDAC tokens.

‼️If you do not have Metamask, copy the ETH address (from above) and send your XDAC tokens to that address from your MEW.


♦️NEW UPDATES: https://medium.com/xdac/xdac-development-update-c7e753ca8af3 🔺https://medium.com/xdac

🔹xDAC links 🔷Mainnet https://xdac.co/ https://xdac.co/account https://xdac.co/swap https://xdac.co/buy https://xdac.co/company

BOUNTIES: https://web.xdac.co/bounties/

🔷xDAC Tracker https://tracker.xdac.co/

🔷Testnet https://test.xdac.net/ 🔷ICO https://web.xdac.co/ 🔷Whitepaper https://web.xdac.co/docs/xDAC-Whitepaper.pdf

https://www.facebook.com/xdacco https://twitter.com/xdacco https://t.me/xdacgroup https://t.me/xdacco https://www.reddit.com/r/xDACplatform/ https://medium.com/xdac https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvn7wxit_Jt0U_2OQDMKUXg