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Alt.Estate is a blockchain platform to trade tokenized real estate. Build your own global portfolio of the best properties and become a real estate tycoon!

Visit our website: https://bit.ly/2HnRPLR


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💥 The first step in our listing strategy: ALT is listed on Hotbit Exchange! 💥

🎉 ALT token is officially listed! Check out this post and start trading!

🔍 Make sure that you check out ALT token on this great platform!

👉 Here is the link: https://www.hotbit.io/exchange?symbol=ALT_BTC

🤝 We've chosen Hotbit for a number of reasons: 1️⃣ High Trading Volumes. Hotbit has an average of $30 million daily trading volume for tokens with a record of $150 million (highest ranked 23). 2️⃣ High liquidity. We’ve examined over 15 renown exchanges, most of which had up to 50% of fake trading volumes. Hotbit declared the real trading volumes and we expect to see high liquidity on this exchange. 3️⃣ Active Community. Hotbit has 1.2 million monthly visitors and more than 270 000 registered users. 4️⃣ Reliable and Secure Platform. It is important for us to provide our users with a possibility for a safe and secure trading. 5️⃣ Justified Use of Funds. Following Alt.Estate’s financial model, we intend to invest substantive amounts into the Alt.Estate’s Platform and Protocol development. The reached agreements with Hotbit allow us to invest more in the growth of Alt.Estate to increase the demand on ALT tokens instead of paying high listing fee.

📈 Our listing strategy is aimed to gradually increase the token liquidity and community trading involvement.