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Artificial Intelligence in Advertising

Official telegram group - t.me/UbexAI

Telegram channel - t.me/UbexNews


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✅Check this info before asking questions, please✅

❗️IMPORTANT: UPDATE ABOUT BOUNTY. If you have just created an account on tokensale.ubex.com or have just added or updated your ETH address, please PM any of the admins and let us know! Be ready to specify your email and ETH address you're registered with. These will be sent manually, and we need to know about all such cases! ❗️

⚠️ If you don't have an account on tokensale.ubex.com, but need it to receive the tokens or pass KYC, PM any of the admins and be ready to specify the email you'd like to use for it! ⚠️

❗️✈️ If you haven't received any of the airdrops, create a ticket in your Ubex account, specify the exact airdrop you participated and give as much details and proofs as possible! You can attach 1 image per 1 message in your ticket. Number of messages in the ticket is unlimited. So add a single image, and as many messages in 1 ticket as you need. Add 'airdrop proofs' words to the ticket subject. ✈️❗️

‼️ Please note that from now on all the messages where we detect fud will be deleted, and persons who post them will be banned! ⛔️

The tokensale is over!

👁🗨Ubex intro: https://youtu.be/El64TPdASB8

💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎💎Ubex Ratings: https://medium.com/ubex/ubex-ratings-in-top-listings-3f84d6b8fcf

🎯 Our Roadmap www.ubex.com/#roadmap

🏦 Current exchanges list LBank BTC Alpha BitForex Bitmart Hotbit Bilaxy

💎How to add Ubex tokens to other wallets? Use 'Add Custom Token' feature (or a similar one) and use this data: 1. Token address - 0x6704b673c70de9bf74c8fba4b4bd748f0e2190e1 2. Symbol - UBEX 3. Decimals - 18

⛔️We do NOT offer ANY additional bonuses or sales via private messages. BEWARE of scammers. Our admins will NEVER provide you any eth or btc or ltc adresses.

⛔️We also NEVER message you via e-mails first. BEWARE, scammers are copying our e-mail adresses to contact our users.

❗️1000 and 500 tokens airdrops are over❗️

Ubex tokens will be distributed to eth wallets you provided during registration on tokensale.ubex.com, those from airdrops and bounty - on October 31th.

⛔️ Please beware of scammers and only trust the information from admin.

⛔️Ubex Community admin will never ask eth or provide eth address to you.

The official admins of our channel are @MaxAnderssonn @MatthewWonder @linhlyn89 @Jackkwon

Please note, that our admins are doing their best to answer hundreds of questions. However their replies can be incorrect or incomplete and might be different from official position of Ubex.

🚫 Dear followers, please note that it's not allowed to post the following kinds of links: - third party projects - malicious or potentially harmful resources - Ubex referral links

What's allowed to post: - links to official Ubex websites or our partners' websites - useful crypto - related services - crypto - related news not advertising third party projects Other messages will be deleted, and spamming persons will be banned

❇️Our Official chinese language group - https://t.me/ubex_cn

❇️Our Official korean language group - https://t.me/UbexKorea

❇️Our Official vietnamese language group - https://t.me/UbexVietnam

❇️Our Official japanese language group - https://t.me/Ubex_Japan