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Please be careful with who you talk to in private, there are people pretending to be Celsius employees. We will never PM you first or ask you for money.

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Earn 5.1% on your BTC and 4.55% on your ETH via the Celsius wallet. Put your coins to work for you today! ©️

The latest community member written article about Celsius; https://steemhunt.com/@mtimetraveller/celsius-earn-your-interest-while-you-hodl?ref=mtimetraveller

🔥🔥🔥 Listen to Alex Mashinsky on Off the Chain! https://offthechain.libsyn.com/alex-mashinsky-what-decentralization-really-means

📱📲 The App is Live! https://celsiusnetwork.app.link/Telegram

🎯 Tune in: Alex Mashinsky & Blockchain Brad https://youtu.be/-pLlP0IVBFQ

Alex Mashinsky's recent update - Oct 1, 2018 https://celsius.network/21266-2/

Alex was on the DataDash podcast! Check it out 👇 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCYxIOaKVy8


There are scammers active private messaging people pretending to be an admin. There are NO special deals, and we will never PM you an address to send funds to. ALL deposits are made via the Celsius app or our sales team (sales@celsius.network) which will never email you first. Our emails end with @celsius.network, not with .com

These are our admins, please double check the usernames!

@robert_devoe @alexmashinsky @sdanielleon @nukegold @lizknows @johnarce @leahjay @alizalandes @cryptoeric312 @jessica_k @CoreyBillington @daxtaran @FaRSyDe @Xineohp


Check out Alex Mashinsky's AMA with Crypto Love: https://youtu.be/owRjjB0F7bc

🖥 Join the revolution! Watch our manifesto video here: https://youtu.be/cgEFnDNd1_k

🙏🏼 Check out our open letter to Nexo & give us some claps! https://hackernoon.com/an-open-letter-to-nexo-f57bb8927c00

👉🏼Keith Wareing Interviews Alex Mashinsky! https://youtu.be/XNbTmvgAd3A 👀 Joe Blackburn of CCT's interview with Alex: https://youtu.be/D0kW4AT-L04 📺 Alex Mashinsky's interview with Crypto Crow: https://youtu.be/Fo52QrWjQXY

💵Apply for a loan: https://celsius.network/loan/ 💰Apply to earn interest: https://celsius.network/interest 📈Short the market: https://celsius.network/short

👉🏼 We're #3 on Forbes' Top 10 Blockchain Companies to Watch: https://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewrossow/2018/07/10/top-10-new-blockchain-companies-to-watch-for-in-2018/#5f3bf4b55600

🌡Celsius is a new global financial platform that seamlessly connects holders of crypto-assets with borrowers. It allows crypto-holders to earn up to 7% annual interest on their assets, or get a 5% cash loan against their crypto.

😎 Like our swag? Awesome, buy some here: https://shop.celsius.network

🔒Add CEL as a custom token to ERC-20 wallet Token Contract Address: 0xaaaebe6fe48e54f431b0c390cfaf0b017d09d42d Token Symbol: CEL Decimals: 4

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