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This is the official chat of Pecunio - blockchain investments safe and easy


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Pecunio respectively partnered/listed with the following networks/exchanges:

https://bancor.network https://trade.io https://www.nauticus.io/ https://hotbit.io https://idex.market https://Latoken.com https://TokenJar.io

Pecunio had an strategic investment partnership with : Welltrado.io Xchangerate.io Sharpay.io Plaak.com Multiversum.io Nagricoin.io Rootblockchain.io Loyakk.io iagon.io Bytemine.io Credits.com Bitnautic.io Alchemycoin.io Moolyacoin.io Opetfoundation.com Coinseason.com And many more to come...

As pecunio has been listed on coinmarketcap.. https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/pecunio/