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https://hederahashgraph.com https://t.me/hederahashgraph https://twitter.com/hashgraph http://hashgraph.com/discord

Hedera Hashgraph is a public distributed ledger for building secure, fair, blazing-fast decentralized dapps.


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The mainnet is live as of August 24th and tokens have been generated. Hedera is not raising funds currently. Hedera expects to release tokens to SAFT investors no earlier than six months after the Aug 24 mainnet launch. Hedera does not control whether its token will be on exchanges, but we anticipate that HBAR will likely be traded on exchanges at some point in 2019.

🚧 Please be vigilant and take extra precautions against scams. Beware of pools and sophisticated “sale” websites that look like legitimate sites. Never click a link or trust an email or chat message soliciting investment. 🚧

FAQs: Developers testing the network can visit https://help.hedera.com. Or visit hashgraph.org for further technical & general answers or to provide feedback.

In case you missed the Hedera18 Developer Conference and Global Hackathon, watch the replay: https://hedera.com/media?autoplay

To stay up to date with the latest and greatest, join our news channel: t.me/hederahashgraph

DEV RESOURCES: Docs: docs.hedera.com/ SDK: github.com/hashgraph Discord: hedera.com/discord GitHub: github.com/hashgraph/awesome-hashgraph

ABOUT: Web: https://hedera.com Whitepaper: https://hedera.com/whitepaper LinkedIn: linkedin.com/company/hashgraph Twitter: twitter.com/hashgraph Facebook: facebook.com/hashgraph Instagram: instagram.com/hashgraph

UNOFFICIAL FOREIGN CHATS: Arabic: t.me/HederaHashgraphARABIC Australia: t.me/hashgraph_AUS 中文: t.me/HashgraphCN Deutsche: t.me/hashgraph_De Español: t.me/HashgrapESP India: t.me/HashgraphIN Israel: t.me/hashgraphIsrael Italiano: https://t.me/hashgraphitalia 日本人: t.me/hashgraphjapan 한국어: t.me/HashgraphKorea Nederlands: t.me/HashgraphNL русский: t.me/HashGraphRU Tiếng Việt: t.me/HederahashgraphVN