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Bitcoin Atom (BCA) is a SegWit enabled Bitcoin fork with atomic swaps, hybrid consensus and lightning network.

Info: bitcoinatom.io twitter.com/atombitcoin facebook.com/atombitcoin reddit.com/user/BitcoinAtom bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2515675.0


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🚀 Bitcoin Atom (BCA) 🚀 - HTLC API is released - GUI interface for Atomic Swaps coming

Node (Win/Mac/Linux): https://github.com/bitcoin-atom/bitcoin-atom/releases

Source code: https://github.com/bitcoin-atom/bitcoin-atom

Block Explorers: https://bitcoinatom.net https://explorer.bitcoinatom.io

Mining: https://medium.com/@bitcoinatom/bitcoin-atom-bca-mining-3a05cf248d9c

You can buy BCA at Stocks.exchange, Crypto-bridge.org, Simpleswap.io, Exrates.me & Bitibu.com; more exchanges coming soon.

⚡ Bitcoin Atom (BCA) 1:1 Fork Featuring ═ SegWit ═ Atomic Swaps ═ Hybrid Consensus ═ Lightning Network

⚡ Exchanges ═ Stocks.exchange ═ Crypto-bridge.orgSimpleswap.ioExrates.meBitibu.com ═ More TBA

Futures Trading ═ YoBit.net

Yet to implement BCA ═ OKEx.comBitlish.com ═ More TBA

⚡ Wallets ═ Coinomi.com ═ Bitcoin Atom ═ MyAtomWallet ═ ESR Wallet ═ More TBA

⚡ Mining Pools ═ Bca.multipools.club ═ Bca.bcmonster.comZpool.ca

More info: bitcoinatom.io facebook.com/atombitcoin twitter.com/atombitcoin medium.com/@bitcoinatom reddit.com/user/BitcoinAtom github.com/bitcoin-atom bitcoin-atom.slack.com