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Welcome to the Kin Community! Kin Announcements: https://t.me/KinAnnouncements Kin General: https://t.me/kinfoundation Kin Currency: https://t.me/kincurrency Kin Technology: https://t.me/kintechnology


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⚠️ Attention! There is NO Kin airdrop, nor there will be one unless stated otherwise on our official Kin News channel. Please advise: speculations are frowned upon and any information you may read in this channel is unofficial and not supported by Kin Foundation (unless specifically stated by a moderator) and should be considered with care and responsibility⚠️

Welcome to the general channel of Kin Foundation.

Our admins are here to help you with your questions: @Yoelri @BenjaminL5656 @Ajeanm @gsrmod @MaayanF @GalenH @BrendanM

Beware of imposters and always refer back to this list if you want to message one of the admins about any issue.

If you’re not familiar with Kin, take a minute to learn about our vision (https://medium.com/kinfoundation/the-vision-for-kin-6ee048a3a979). Make sure you go over our white paper (https://www.kinecosystem.org/static/files/Kin_Whitepaper_V1_English.pdf), as it delivers a clearer and more in depth understanding of the ecosystem.

Our Blogs (https://medium.com/kinfoundation/ and https://medium.com/inside-kin) is where we share our progress and thoughts. All progress in our project will be shared there. It’s updated on an almost daily basis so make sure you follow both blogs. This channel is the gateway to our project and community. This Is where you can get general information and ask anything regarding the progress of the project. This is NOT a place to discuss coin related issues (such as the value of the coin, exchanges or other speculations). What it is good for? Here are some examples:

  • Spark a conversation about Kin’s uniqueness in the crypto world
  • What about the timeline is unclear?
  • How is our Kin community doing?
  • Do you have suggestions for the project?
  • Please feel free to join the conversation after reading our community rules (https://t.me/kinfoundation/59582).


We want this channel to be for everyone to have a platform to voice their opinions and ask questions. This is as much for the our newer members who are just learning about Kin as it is our more veteran members.

  • Keep the conversations relevant to what is going on with Kin. This channel should be a place for people to learn more.
  • There are other channels (listed below) to discuss more in depth topics relating to tech and for asking coin related questions.
  • We will not tolerate any language or pictures that we deem as inappropriate (i.e. racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.). Any such posts will be deleted and you will be given a warning.
  • Keep the channels clean. We can communicate our points without using swear words. Any such posts will be deleted and you will be given a warning.

Other than this channel, we have a few others: 1. https://t.me/Kinannouncements: Announcements from us to you. Beware: this is the ONLY authoritative source for announcements (about the foundation, and everything it entails). If it wasn’t announced by us - it’s just a rumour. 2. https://t.me/kintechnology for technology only related conversations. This is where conversations involve specifics about the technology behind the developments (such as our SDK’s and API’s). 3. https://t.me/kincurrency is for currency only related conversations. This channel is mainly for community members support for anything around the coin. In this channel you’re able to discuss anything about the coin. However, speculations are frowned upon.