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qiibee. Loyalty on the blockchain.


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Welcome to qiibee’s official Telegram group! 😃💬

Now, businesses can store customer rewards on the blockchain and issue real-value Loyalty Tokens in return. qiibee brings blockchain and crypto to everyone!

🎥 Our CEO was on CNN! See it here.

🏠 Visit us at qiibee.com.

❔ If you have any questions, our team is here to help! You could also email support@qiibee.com

👮🏻‍♀️👮🏾 Security Notice We will never message you unless you message us first. These are the only admin team for qiibee. Do not trust anyone else: @loredanaqiibee @amitqiibee @jeanhusted @sarrahqiibee @Amritqiibee @Alessandroqiibee @ronqiibee @Tobiasqiibee @GabrieleG @pschindelholz

🤖 Our one and only bot is the @qiibeebot. He will never message you first.

🚪 Visit us at: Our website Our blog Our Twitter page Our Facebook page Our Linkedin page Our Instagram page

📃 For more information, read our whitepaper.

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