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The Verasity protocol provides the infrastructure and tools required to build a supercharged online video experience


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Welcome to the Verasity Token Chat Official group - the ONLY official group is t.me/verasitychat

For GenesisPlayer questions, please join the GenesisPlayer group: https://t.me/Genesisplayer

VRA Sale is currently live at a price of $0.015. Buy VRA here: https://verasity.io/sale/

To express interest in the Private Sale head here: https://verasity.typeform.com/to/P59twe

The ONLY telegram user allowed to discuss private sale terms is: @buyvera

Token Distribution: Total supply of VERA tokens will be limited to 12,491,500,000 of which 6,245,750,000 (50%) will be allotted for the public sale.

⚠️ Security Warning - Avoid Scammers ⚠️ The ONLY official Verasity chat is: https://t.me/verasitychat

The only current Official Public Sale Addresses:

ETH deposit address is: 0x8a3BE504d8479**465723d4530327ed503

BTC deposit address is: 3FKp7iQRh1***Z69URusVgpcTr4r

Note: These are the ONLY official payment addresses for Verasity. Do not send money to any other address. You can confirm these addresses at the bottom of https://verasity.io

For Private sale, the full address will be sent via email but ALL characters other than the “*” should match.

For Public Sale, the full address will be shown when you complete all the whitelist steps at https://verasity.io/sale/sign-in

The ONLY telegram user allowed to discuss private sale terms is: @buyvera

**Please note: To verify @buyvera you must click on the user and check the BIO PAGE of the user, and the USERNAME field must say @buyvera letter for letter including the @ symbol. Some scammers put the @username as the LABEL you see when in a conversation! You can also request that @buyvera speak to you first in the main chat so you can verify the ADMIN status of the conversation, and @buyvera will provide instructions to take the conversation private.

Current admins/MODs:
@Adam_VRA @Heyw00d @hannahdul34 @john_verasity @longlonglogin @RJMark @lana_in_france ⚠️ Security Warning - Avoid Scammers ⚠️

Relevant Links Website - https://verasity.io/ Verasity Player - https://verasity.io/player Whitepaper - https://verasity.io/documents/verasity_whitepaper_eng.pdf FAQ - https://medium.com/verasity/verasity-faq-600fa1df9faa Medium - https://medium.com/verasity Twitter - https://twitter.com/verasitytech Bitcointalk - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3208145.0 Bitcointalk (Bounty) - https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=3736175 Reddit - https://www.reddit.com/r/Verasity/ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/verasitytech YouTube - https://youtube.com/channel/UCKtqeA8hvWYeTfuyjFJTNww LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/company/verasity/