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DAV is a blockchain-based transportation protocol which enables a decentralized, peer to peer, global transportation network.

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The DAV Roadmap Has Been Updated

Dear DAV Community,

As we close out the year, we are excited to share with you an update to the DAV roadmap. We are pleased to report that the DAV team has been able to hit every milestone up to today. Going forward, we have adjusted the roadmap to reflect the short-term strategic change we have made to capitalize on an important opportunity in the mobility space.

We announced a few weeks ago that DAV is conducting a mini-pivot to focus on the network supporting the micro mobility space with shared electric scooters. As a result we have removed some of the original milestones and replaced them with ones that address our e-scooter effort. We have made this change due to the state of the crypto market, with the understanding that adoption is our industry’s greatest challenge at present. We feel that the market has had its fill of empty promises and unused platforms; our response is to quicken the pace of adoption with a practical, real-world business case and to help commerce and industry realize the value of using the DAV network and token.

We remain fully committed to the long-term vision for DAV: a network where you can move anyone or anything anywhere, with just one token. DAV is by its nature very broad in vision. Our short-term game plan, now that the platform is built, is to go very narrow to help commercial companies achieve adoption and usage. We feel the time is right to collaborate with commercial projects as they create consumer-grade applications. This will help attract more early adopters and early mainstream users into utilizing the DAV network and token. We think the momentum we are aiming for will start with someone using something as simple and useful as a shared electric scooter on the DAV network.

As we approach the start of a new year, the DAV Team would like you to know we are very grateful for your continued support. We look forward to the launch of this project and to working with many of you on rolling out the first truly decentralized mobility network use case in history.

All the best,

The DAV Team