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ViValid is a service based on blockchain technology designed to serve as a conduit between individuals seeking information about the potential value of items in hand from experts in corresponding fields.


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Hi guys, a quick update about the project:

  1. We're at the finish line of the first stage of our pre-ico. The sole purpose of it was to test both the reaction of the market and functionality of our platform. Retail market, as you probably know is rather low right now, but we're getting a lot of enquiries from private investors with fat wallets, which leads to the second point.

  2. We have decided to adjust our approach to the sale slightly. The current smart contract of ours is a tad too rigid and makes a direct deal hard and expensive. We will continue to use it until the end of its life, which is twelve weeks from tomorrow. After that date, we are going to introduce a new, more comprehensive contract, which by design will enable us to sell using currencies other than ETH, including fiat. In case of any questions - we are holding a license which allows selling directly, so no grey areas here.

  3. The second contract will become our driver for the main sale which is going to last until the end of the year.

  4. We cannot release tokens to compensate bounty before the end of the sale, simply because the stakes are calculated based on the total distribution. We will provide, however, a separate panel for all participants of bounty and airdrop on which they'll be able to see the number of tokens reserved for them individually and calculated in real-time. When the time comes, you'll be able to claim these tokens directly from the said panel.

  5. We will release a new version of our website soon, on which you'll be able to find all information regarding sale, airdrop, bounty and more. Stay tuned.

  6. The release of the alpha version of our mobile app may or may not be pushed a bit; time will show.

  7. As a reminder, this channel is meant to be a place for discussion about the project and state of the ICO. If you feel like your questions about the bounty and/or potential cooperation in fields of PR, marketing, social media, adding to various listings etc. are being ignored - you're right because they are. If you have an exciting proposition for us, please feel free to send an email at contact@vivalid.io. Beware though, we are getting hundreds of those every day, as you may imagine, and we're busy doing actual work, so, be patient.

Once again, we would have never asked you to send ETH, BTC, fiat, postcards, flowers, hugs and kisses - actually - we wouldn't ask you to do anything for that matter, neither here nor anywhere else. The only way of participating in the sale with current contract is through our Token Distribution Center (you can find it on the website).

That's about it for now. We're fine, thanks for asking ;)